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Consequently, non-tuberculous mycobacteria NTM could cause life threatening infection in immunocompromised patients with profound cellular immune deficiency in particular those who are HIV-infected [2]. Human infections were initially described in HIV-infected patients [5]. Thereafter, few cases have been observed in non-HIV immunocompromised hosts including only two reports in solid organ transplant recipients [6, 7]. Mortality of patients with disseminated M. Herein we report two cases of M. A year-old woman, of Moroccan origin, was admitted in August for seizure, an 8 kg loss of body-weight, slowly increasing dyspnea, productive cough, and fever lasting for 4 months.


There are three gittin which are invalid but if a woman marries [on the strength of one of them] the child is fit: If the husband wrote it with his own hand but there are no witnesses on it. If there are witnesses on it but no date. If it has a date but only one witness. These are three gittin which are invalid but if a woman marries [on the strength of one of them] the child is fit. Rabbi Elazar says even though there are no witnesses on it, as long as he gave it to her in the presence of witnesses it is valid, [and on the strength of it] she may collect her ketubah [even] from mortgaged property, since the witnesses only sign on the get because of tikkun olam.

In the English use of the word, a child neither born nor begotten in lawful wedlock​; an illegitimate child. For the rules of presumption and evidence in.

We are secular Jews. My boyfriend is against marriage as an institution. I want to be a mother. Is this correct? Where a Jewish couple have the legal capacity to marry according to Jewish law , but choose not to, their children are legitimate Jews and have the same status of children of Jews married in a traditional religious ceremony. What distinguishes children born to unmarried Jewish parents from bastards or ‘Mamzer’im’ in Hebrew is the legal capacity of their parents to marry.

The parents of ‘Mamzer’im lack the legal capacity to marry under Jewish law which forbids their union. Mamzer’im have inferior status under Jewish law and can only marry other Mamzer’im or converts in a religious ceremony. They can marry who they wish in a civil marriage ceremony.

Doomed At Birth

Medieval Jews and Christians have often exchanged blows. Some of those, in particular when they came from the Christian side who generally had political power, were physical. Other exchanges, probably more common, were verbal.

For some Jews, ‘mamzer’ is more than a curse word. “I began dating a Jewishly knowledgeable guy, and he freaked out when he heard I.

But in Torah , mamzer refers to a Jewish person who was born into a certain situation and is therefore disallowed to marry most fellow Jews. Rather, it refers only to the offspring of people whose relationship would be punishable with karet excision. A Jewish marriage is more easily facilitated than a bona fide Jewish divorce. After all, the couples were presumably wed under better circumstances than during a divorce. As a result, nowadays the most common reason a person would be a mamzer is if a Jewish woman remarries without first obtaining a get, a divorce by Jewish law halachah , from a reputable rabbinic organization.

This means she is technically still married to her first husband, so her life with a new consort is a sin and future offspring may be mamzerim the plural of mamzer. If you suspect that this may have happened to you or your family, please contact an expert Orthodox rabbi because there may be other factors to consider whether a person is truly a mamzer.

Read more about who is a mamzer.

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Because of this a marriage between them is void Sh. On the other hand, in Jewish law — unlike in other systems of law — the mere fact that a child is born or conceived out of lawful wedlock does not make him a mamzer and he is not an illegitimate child, i. The parents of the mamzer are indeed unmarried — either in fact or since they are so considered in law because of an absolute legal bar to a marriage between them — but unlike a man and a woman who, from the legal point of view, can marry each other but do not want to, the parents of the mamzer , owing to the said legal bar, cannot marry each other even if they want to.

The Bible lays down: “A mamzer shall not enter the congregation of the Lord” Deut. A marriage between two mamzerim is permitted Yev.

A mamzer is a male or female Jew (the feminine form of the noun is mamzeret) who, because of the A Yavnean date also fits R. Ishmael’s exegesis of Lev.

WomensLaw is not just for women. We serve and support all survivors, no matter their sex or gender. Important: Even if courts are closed, you can still file for a protection order and other emergency relief. It can be important to get a get for the sake of any future children. If a Jewish woman remarries without having received a get , even if she has received a state law civil divorce, the children of her second marriage are technically considered illegitimate mamzerim , and will not be accepted into many Jewish communities.

However, if a man remarries without a get , his children are not considered mamzerim.

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The previous Mishna 66b taught that a mamzer — a child born as the result of an incestuous or adulterous relationship — is not allowed to marry into the normative Jewish community, and that furthermore, any child born to a mamzer will also have that same status. At that point he can release them to freedom and they will become full-fledged members of the Jewish community without the stigma and concomitant personal halakhic problems of being a mamzer. According to the conclusion of the Gemara , this arrangement works not only ex-post facto , but it is recommended as a valid plan for someone who finds that he is a mamzer.

Mamzer is Hebrew (and Yiddish) for “bastard.” In common parlance, mamzer is a very derogatory reference to a difficult or unpleasant individual. But in Torah.

She discovered she was pregnant soon after he raped her. In her thirties, childless and aching to be a mother, she decided to raise this unexpected baby on her own. Back then Sarah, who had divorced a few years earlier in a U. According to Jewish law, a mamzer can only marry another mamzer or a convert. Like hundreds. Her vindictive husband had skipped town, his whereabouts unknown.

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Aug 29 9 Elul Torah Portion. My mother has, unfortunately, been through a number of marriages and other living-together arrangements. This has produced a hodge-podge of children from different fathers. I actually was conceived through an affair that my mother had, and she has never revealed the identity of my biological father.

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How is this for a catch? If that happens, though, the rabbinate will label the child a mamzer —a child born of a biblically forbidden relationship—and forbid him and his descendants from marrying other Jews. How did such an absurd situation come about? Yifat detailed her nightmare of a story below in testimony before a special Knesset session on “Issues of Religion and State as a Moral Question.

Six years ago, I decided to separate from my now ex-husband. There were issues we were unable to resolve, despite visiting multiple marriage counselors. He claimed to not want to get divorced, but did not change in his behavior towards me.

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