Have you met a stranger with the same birthday as you? It’s NOT a coincidence but simple maths

Have you met a stranger with the same birthday as you? It’s NOT a coincidence but simple maths

Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes. Having the same birthday as your S. You always have a date to your party. And you probably won’t run the risk of forgetting your sweetheart’s birthday. But, it doesn’t really go beyond that — unless you consult the stars, that is. When you consider it from an astrological perspective, this little coincidence can actually shed light on your relationship overall. It goes without saying that you’ll have a lot in common. Most obviously, your sun signs are the same , meaning your general personalities, strengths, and weaknesses will be pretty similar — which is kind of a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you probably share a lot of core values and tend to be on the same page for what you want to do on the weekends.

Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin?

In probability theory , the birthday problem or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a set of n randomly chosen people, some pair of them will have the same birthday. However, These conclusions are based on the assumption that each day of the year excluding February 29 is equally probable for a birthday. Actual birth records show that different numbers of people are born on different days.

The birthday problem is not a ” paradox ” in the literal logical sense of being self-contradictory, but is merely unintuitive at first glance.

The only way that they could share a birthday with someone in the room is if it happens to be exactly the same day as the first person. You might be thinking that this still looks like quite a big probability that none of them a birthday with you at

The odds of having a relationship only have quite a small year. Most people have the relationship at one time or another. I’d guess more than month of adults have one right at this moment. The same consideration is, given this same person, what is the probability of them sharing your birthday? Since you choose a partner based on everything you know about them, which includes their birthday, you can’t discount the possibility that the actual incidence is significantly higher or lower.

Look with it another way: what’s the chance of there being someone who delivers your post and shares your birthday? The chance of a randomly-born date being the one who delivers your post is tiny, but so what if it is? It doesn’t affect the answer. Assuming universal delivery which I can in my country , someone delivers my post. We meaning completely exclude from consideration all the people who don’t deliver my post, they don’t affect the odds no matter how many of them there are.

Most siblings born on the same day

Whats the Significance. What is the astrological significance of dating someone with the same birthday? Submitted by: Lannea. In your particular case, using the birth details you provided was asked to not publish them , I can see that just about the only astrological detail you share is the Sun in Taurus.

The random odds against five single siblings sharing a birthdate are one in 17,,, – almost 4 times the world’s population. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. (You will need to register / login for access) world’s record also can someone help me I have all the information you need.

Tool to calculate the birthday paradox problem. The birthday problem is famous in probabilities because its results are non-intuitive. Birthday Probabilities – dCode. A suggestion? Write to dCode! Please, check our community Discord for help requests! Thanks to your feedback and relevant comments, dCode has developped the best Birthday Probabilities tool, so feel free to write! Thank you! During the calculation of the birthdate paradox, it is supposed that births are equally distributed over the days of a year it is not exactly true in reality.

In the following, a year has days leap years are ignored. This calculation is the same as What is the probability for a person to be born a given day of the year? This given day is my birthday.

Birthday Probabilities

My boyfriend and I share the same birthday. And we’re thinking about getting married. I just want to know the odds of meeting someone with the same birthday, and marrying the person with the same birthday. Well I would just say what are the odds of meeting someone with the same birthday. I refer you to this excellent article. My husband and I have the same birthday, but I would like to know what is the odds on 2 people having the same birthday and getting married on that day.

What It Means If You & Your S.O. Have The Same Birthday Dating someone who thinks, speaks, and expresses themselves in their own way.

That old heatmap , which highlighted specific dates for popularity, has been viewed more than , times here and published across the web. But it was flawed, namely that it used ordinal data birthday ranks by date rather than continuous data actual births counts by date. This graphic finally addresses that problem:. This new version of the heatmap, which is interactive on larger screens, uses births by day from to , thanks for the fine folks at FiveThirtyEight , whose reporters posted the tables on Github for an unrelated project.

It lists the average number of births by day, the rank number one is most common and an estimated — if slightly irresponsible — conception date. Chances are you came here looking for the legacy birthday graphic. If you must, find it here , along with a related post about the flawed methodology. Meanwhile, check out your birthday, share your thoughts in the comments — and tell the Internet to do the same. Credits: Thanks, Cynthia Brewer, for your wonderful color guide.

7 Things Dating Someone Who’s The Same Zodiac Sign As You Will Teach You

And if you rewind to , it gets even odder. Behind the scenes: Louisville business has a vaudeville theater hiding in its ceiling. The odds are roughly one in 2. Then she’d triple check again, because back in the day if you made an error in the Yellow Pages, it would stay that way until the next book was printed the following year. The three women often ate lunch together, gossiped together and waded through pregnancy together. Colyer was due first on Feb.

Sharing your birthday with someone else you know can be fun — or stressful. You might get double the party, but chances are you’ll have to share the and found that the most common birth date for those years was Sept.

The Browns say it’s a complete coincidence that five-year-old Isaiah, six-year-old Mikayla and year-old Joseph all share a birthday with their father. You can’t really plan having kids — they just come when they want to come,” said mom Melissa Brown Rena. The odds of four family members sharing their special day are astronomical: just a one in 48,, chance of it ever happening again, according to the family patriarch, Martin Brown.

Isaiah was about to be delivered about five minutes before midnight on October 12th, but the doctors had to stop because the cord was wrapped around his neck. Melissa Brown Rena says having all the birthdays on the same day is logistically easier because they share a party and cake, but she always makes an effort to “make sure they still feel they’re individuals. A continual reminder of God’s blessings,” he said. Five-year-old Isaiah, six-year-old Mikayla and year-old Joseph share a birthday with their father.

It isn’t difficult to remember birthdays in the Brown household in Surrey, B. That’s because four members of the family share October 13th as their special day. But he says the third child being born on the same day almost didn’t happen.

The odds of sharing a birthday with Jesus and your brother

The first thing to note is that names and birthdays are independent of each other. Someone born on 5th June isn’t more likely to be called Chris, and someone called Katie isn’t more likely to be born on 20th October, or whatever. Thus the probability is equal to the probability someone has your name, multiplied by the probability someone has your birthday. The former could be anything.

There is no special name for a person with the same birthday as yours and is not related.

This phenomenon is known as the Birthday Paradox. least two birthdays fall on the same day, % of combinations where two people have same birthday But most of the time, you’ll still have some very good odds. Anyway, in trying to make sense of it all, could someone please explain, IN ENGLISH ;o).

I have never had a very good relationship with Mathematics. Math, as it turns out, is out of its bloody mind. This phenomenon is known as the Birthday Paradox. This means that with only sixty people in a room, even though there are possible birthdays, it is almost certain that two people have a birthday on the same day. After making these preposterous assertions, Math then goes on to rationalize its claims by recruiting its bastard offspring: numbers and formulas.

You can consider the fact that forty people can be paired up in unique ways, and it follows that there would be a good chance that at least one of those pairs would share a birthday. So I did something quite out of character: I crunched the numbers. The values rapidly become unmanageable, but the trend is clear:. Only calculating up to eight people, we see that of the three hundred fifteen quintillion possible combinations of birthdays the group has, 7.

This Is the Most Common Birthday

You share one set of great-grandparents with your second cousin, but you do not have the same grandparents. So my three-year-old daughter — who celebrates a birthday Sept. Because this day only comes around once every four years, a mere 0. Happy Birthday Sister Cake Images.

We refer to it as our birthday because we have the same birthday. We got a long well before we even started dating and get along really well.

By Daily Mail Reporter. You meet someone at a party and you’re stunned to discover you share the same birthday. Or perhaps you’re sitting in a beach bar in Bali when an old school friend strolls past with a cocktail. According to author Joseph Mazur these aren’t coincidences – they’re simple mathematics. Sharing a birthday with a complete stranger is more likely than you might think.

The maths says that you have a chance of getting a match with just 23 people. In his new book, ‘Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence’, Mazur argues that chance happenings are merely a matter of numerical odds. And the odds aren’t always as high as you’d imagine. The ‘birthday problem,’ as it’s known among mathematicians, is easily explained, says Mazur. In a group of people, there’s per cent probability that two people will have the same birthday because there are only days in a year, excluding leap year.

What are the chances that two England teammates share a Birthday?

In the years before , it was common for a large number of school children 20—30 or more to physically colocate for their math lessons. And in many a class, students were asked to compute the probability that two of them had the same birthday. To do this computation, students typically make the default assumption that everybody is equally likely to be born on any given day the uniform distribution.

Without this assumption, the problem becomes hard to do by hand.

One person has a 1/ chance of meeting.

My husband and I have the same birthday; not just the same day and month but the same year, as well. Aside from being the biggest coincidence of our lives unless it was witches , having the same birthday has some awesome side-effects. Here are five reasons that having the same birthday as your significant other is the best. While dual birthdays might not have the build-up and the extravagant decorations, they have one of the hallmarks of our favourite winter holiday: gift exchanges.

So we treat our birthdays just like Christmas. We buy each other presents, sit around our makeshift tree our beloved lemon tree sproutlings and exchange them as if it were a warmer, sunnier December 25th. The best bit? You know what I mean? As we get swept up in life, we may forget the most important things, from dentist appointments to anniversaries. Sharing a birthday with your partner means you are far less likely to forget this special event.

“Doppels” People Who Share The Same Birthday

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